ECE Business Supports

“I have never thought to seek assistance for my business until being challenged with COVID-19 and its effects on my business… [my consultant] inspired me to take a deeper look into my business and discover ways to improve as a business owner.”


The ECE field is dynamic with frequent changes in regulations, funding streams, quality rating standards, and community impacts. We seek and create new opportunities to support timely needs and challenges by leveraging our relationships with partners, stakeholders, and funders. Thanks to generous funding from the Vanguard Strong Start for Kids Program™ PHMC is offering one-on-one technical assistance (TA) and group learning opportunities to providers in Philadelphia to support them through pandemic recovery and business stabilization.

Tools, Documents, and Resources

On our RESOURCES PAGE you'll find a bank of tools, documents, and links to improve your business operations and help navigate through pandemic recovery. Included are financial management tools, child care design information, COVID-19 information and resources, as well as archived recordings of our Health and Safety Communities of Learning


Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start? Maybe you just have a quick question about something. During this unprecedented time, we know early childhood education operators have more questions than answers. We are here to help you get the answers you need. You'll get a response within a few days. If we can’t answer your question, we will point you in the right direction.

CLICK HERE to ask a question about your business operations, stability, or sustainability. 

Your questions and answers will be made anonymous and may be used in a Frequently Asked Questions document which will be posted to this website to support any and all child care business operations and sustainability.

Group Learning Opportunities

Got an idea for an OPEN OFFICE SESSION or WEBINAR topic? CLICK HERE to send an email to suggest your topic.


Previous Events

Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Rate Setting and the Market Rate Survey
Hosted by Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children's Village
CLICK HERE to watch.
CLICK HERE to view the slide deck.

Presented May 25, 2022
How to Prepare for Tax Season for Family Child Care Providers
Hosted by Alexandra Kirade, Civitas Strategies Early Start
CLICK HERE to watch.
Resources: Civitas Strategies Early Start ResourcesTime-Space Calculation WorksheetConfidence in Quality Tax Prep Rubric

Presented April 20, 2022
Writing ECE Grants: Why, How, What, and Where
Hosted by Jane Campbell, Business Supports Consultant and Melissa Stueck, PHMC
CLICK HERE to view the slide deck.

Presented March 31, 2022
HR Legal Do's and Don'ts 2.0
Hosted by Jennifer Myers-Chalal, Esquire, Spector Gadon Rosen Vinci P.C.
Confidential matter, not recorded

Presented March 21, 2022
How to Prepare for Tax Season
Hosted by Gary Romano and LaToshia DeVose from Civitas Strategies Early Start (CSES)
Resources: Preparing for the 2021 Tax Season

Presented February 2, 2022
Setting Rates for Family Child Care Providers: Why, When, and How
Presented by Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children’s Village
CLICK HERE to view the slide deck.

Presented January 20, 2022
HR Practices Do's and Don'ts
Hosted by Jennifer Myers-Chalal, Esquire, Spector Gadon Rosen Vinci P.C.
Confidential matter, not recorded
Resources: US Department of Labor Childcare Industry Compliance Assistance Toolkit, Exemptions and Time Worked Cheat Sheet

Presented December 15, 2021
Setting Rates for Centers: Why, When, and How

Presented by Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children’s Village
CLICK HERE to watch.

Presented November 18, 2021
COVID 19 Vaccination Policies and Practices for ECE Employers
Co-hosted by Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children's Village and Jennifer Myers-Chalal, Esquire, Spector Gadon Rosen Vinci P.C.
CLICK HERE to watch. Referenced documents: SAMPLE Strongly Encourage Vaccine Policy (updated 11.18.21)SAMPLE Mandatory Vaccine Policy (updated 11.18.21)

Presented October 25, 2021
How to Get Business Loans…Even with Bad Credit or No Collateral
Presented by Better Futures 
CLICK HERE to watch. Handouts: CDFI Overview, CDFI Types, FY2019 Loan Quick Reference, 3 Year with Projections

One-on-One TA 

We are not accepting applications for TA at this time.

Limited individualized TA (2-20 hours) is available to those providers needing additional help. Providers must operate at least one facility in Philadelphia to participate in cohort learning or one-on-one TA. Our consultants are prepared to support you in:

  • reducing operating costs with reduced enrollment, continued enrollment volatility, and increased overhead to meet health and safety protocol;
  • developing systems for tracking and quantifying total losses during pandemic recovery;
  • making the best staffing decisions with reduced enrollment, continued workforce volatility, and classroom cohort implementation;
  • assistance in loan, grant, and contract applications 
  • service demand assessment, targeted recruitment, enrollment forecasting, restructuring after staff and/or leadership transition.