Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is a nonprofit public health institute that creates and sustains healthier communities. Since 1972, PHMC has used best practices and evidence-based guidelines to improve community health through its 350 plus programs. Programs that range from traditional public health services like operating public health centers and mitigating public health crises like opioid addiction to innovative ECE initiatives improving quality, sustaining quality, and expanding quality. 

Child Development and Family Services

PHMC’s Child Development and Family Services department is committed to ensuring that all children, and particularly those at-risk, have access to high-quality early learning experiences. This goal is achieved through quality improvement, quality expansion and quality demonstration initiatives. PHMC has been proud to partner with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) since 2010 as the Southeast Regional Key, then Philadelphia Regional Key and continuing as the Early Learning Resource Center 19 and Early Childhood Education Professional Development Organization. Our background built and extended core organizational knowledge of Keystone STARS, state child care licensing, and local licensing agencies and processes that is now embedded throughout our CDFS program portfolio. 

Additional business support initiatives include:

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