“HOLY COW! The information is sooo digestible, easy to understand and very, very informative...Your work is a significant support to programs that often operate in the dark, trying to make good decisions without good comparative data.”


Developed in 2017, the Early Childhood Education Fiscal Hub (Fiscal Hub) focuses on improving the financial stability of child care programs. The Fiscal Hub helps child care owners and directors improve their business management practices and financial operations through resources, technical assistance, and policy advancement. Partners include PHMC, Reinvestment Fund, CoMetrics, and Children’s Village. PHMC thanks the Vanguard’s Strong Start for Kids™ and the William Penn Foundation for funding this and other initiatives designed to strengthen the ECE sector and increase positive outcomes.

Supports include:

  • a standard chart of accounts to help standardize budgeting practices of providers,
  • a proposed set of ECE industry standards, which includes metrics and suggested targets that help providers track financial performance and make more informed business decisions,
  • limited opportunities of cohort style learning and technical assistance to improve budgeting and reporting practices using QuickBooks accounting software. The next QuickBooks Cohort is scheduled to begin in December 2021. Sign up for our mailing list to get information when it's time to register. 



  • begin to understand how making data-driven decisions can affect their bottom line while improving their quality, 
  • understand their cost of care by age level, 
  • learn how to organize their financial data to save time and money, 
  • learn foundational budgeting terms, practices, and procedures and how to implement accounting software within their program.




For more information 

Email us at FiscalHub@phmc.org.